A New Year, A New Blog

Welcome to 2012 everyone, it has started off a little rough, but with so much art to see around LA this year, how can we go anywhere but up? Plus, we’ve had beautiful weather all week, I was able to check out Now Dig This at the Hammer before it closed, and my 2 1/2 year old twins had insightful and interested comments to make on the art, doesn’t get much better! So, as we start the new year, I am also starting a new blog at LA-Art-Theory.com - the new site will give me an outlet for my more theoretical writing as well as reviews and comments on art occurrences in Los Angeles and allow this site to become more focused on photography and the process of making art. There may be some overlapping posts here and there but I think the separation will bring greater fluidity and comprehensiveness to my writing in both arenas.

Speaking of the art-making process, I also want to direct you to a new site focused on artist emergence and the culture of art-making created by artist, designer, historian, and theorist, Dr. Jill Thayer (full disclosure, we were doctoral colleagues at CGU!). Her blog can be found at http://jillthayer.wordpress.com/ and offers wonderful insight into the process of becoming an artist and the roads to finding success in this crazy career.

As an artist one of my greatest struggles is finding time to reflect and time to experiment, really just TIME. In our world, and definitely in my world as a mother, one is expected to be able to think and do multiple tasks at once, often carving up the day into 5-10 minute increments in which to perform tasks. Art doesn’t really work that way.

How many times have those of us who spent time in art school walked past someone’s studio to find them staring off into the distance, how many aborted works litter the floors of studios (and sometimes the base layers of new works), how many dog-eared texts clutter the artist’s shelves and work-spaces? So often I hear “a child could have done that” when the uninformed look at certain art pieces, but really, the art is in the inspiration, the thought to create the work. Anyone can paint by numbers.

My goal for the new year is to give myself more think-space, to allow my mind to wander and allow my pen to do the same (or lens or paintbrush, etc.). I will make mistakes, I will tear up my art, I will read more poetry, I will write down more of my own thoughts. There are a million obstacles to this resolve, but right now I’m saying that several straight hours once a week is better than 20 minutes a day and that I’m going to do everything in my power to claim that time because art is more than the market, it is a personal outlet without which I cannot function as well in all areas of my life, it is a way to communicate with others that I have never been able to replicate in one on one contact, and it is a spark, an inspiration that I hope to pass on to my children every day of their lives.

What are YOUR art goals this year?

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