new painting

So, I’ve been working on this painting… and, I haven’t painted since my first year of art school at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a lo-ong time ago. I attempted to paint a tree, attempted to paint a figure, attempted to paint ANYTHING that would remotely resemble what was in my head… and ended up with a black field. Now, it isn’t straight-up black, but close enough that I’m chuckling at myself. It is just amazing where you go with a piece, from conception to end result (and trust me, the picture I’m about to post is not the end result by far, but at least I’m getting closer…). I just love allowing myself to experiment again and knowing that where I’m going doesn’t have to be where I end up, it just may be a way-point to somewhere interesting. It is also amazing to allow your intuition to take hold. I once heard an interview with Shakira about her song, “Hips don’t lie” where she said, she always knew if her music was working because she could just feel it in her hips, her brain and everyone else could be telling her that it was working, but if she didn’t feel it in her hips, she knew it wasn’t done. That is how I feel about art, there is just a tingle when you know you are on your way to something… I love that feeling!

study for Dark Energy, January Parkos Arnall

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