digital expectations are ruining viewership

In the wake of the super bowl hysteria this past weekend, I have had renewed interested in ads. This amazing video was just brought to my attention, it isn’t from this past super bowl or anything, but it is an amazing spot:

Of course, on first viewing I found it fun but it really wasn’t all that impressive, until I saw this video showing how they made that spot…

WOW! right? In our modern digital world we expect pretty much everything we see was made by someone just sitting behind a computer. We forget sometimes that these amazing feats of artistic and physical production exist and are often behind some of the most interesting digital works. Digitization hasn’t completely destroyed craftsmanship, it has just changed it and changed our expectations and viewership practices. Street artists are doing some wonderful works that challenge our ingrained ocularism, confronting the sedentary nature of art consumption with works that are physically as well as mentally challenging. Check out the artist, Axis, who was behind this awesome/insane commercial –

And, just a little levity on how we make/read/do/think today…

UPDATE: How I have never seen this one, I have no idea! An even more amazing and ambitious wall animation here:


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