New Work

Just wanted to duck on here quickly to share a new direction my work has been heading. In the last year I’ve been doing a lot more straight photography and feeling uninspired by much of it so I decided to go back to the playful, tactile approach I’ve used for most of my career. You may notice a few blogs back that I attempted a painting – that piece brought up a lot of ideas about family and brought me back to using fabric and thread in my imagery. Fiber and family actually go together quite well for many reasons including the history of women’s crafts in the United States, and the symbolism of thread and quilting as binding disparate materials/beings. In that spirit, I’ve begun some new work that incorporates photography on fiber, hand quilting, and will eventually also lead to hand-dyed fabrics and some more sculptural elements on some pieces…. I’m so excited to see that going back to my roots has taken me to a new place in my creativity and that unburdening myself of the need to make ‘finished’ work has allowed me the space to pursue those more creative endeavors. I’ll have a more complete post for you in the next few days to discuss the art work we saw on our recent trip to New York and other goings-on!

currently untitled, from the series Dark Energy

detail showing the hand stitching

the back of the piece but I love it so much that in the next pieces I plan to incorporate the stitching on a more finished back and allowing the work to be viewed from multiple angles

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