New Studio, New Work

Now that I have finally signed the lease, procured the keys, and brought all my supplies over to the new studio, I can get around to actually looking at some of the projects I have been working on, little-by-little, over the last months. I think so far this is the best part of having the studio space, I can spread work out and look at it on walls. I can also keep projects out in the space to glimpse and re-work and remind, to view out of the corner of my eye as well as with concentration. Ah, this is what I have been missing!

First some pictures of the space:








Some trees in progress that are a part of my exploration of family, familial closeness, and loss that constitute a new series tentatively titled “Dark Energy”



And some other random work within this series… I love how little bits and pieces evolve, disintegrate, and then somehow build up, sometimes upon one another, into something altogether new:

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