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un mes en la habana

archival pigment prints on silk. There is a saying that if you stay in Havana for one hour, you can write a book... if you stay for one day, you can write a chapter... if you stay for one week, you can write a paragraph... and if you stay for one month, you struggle to write a single word. After visiting Cuba and spending a month in the country, I indeed found the only way I could express my greater/lesser understanding of the country, people, and culture was through these obscured images.

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love you two times; a fleeting romance

archival pigment prints from polaroid mio originals. This series is an exploration of duality, innocence, and the fleeting nature of childhood.

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the journey is the destination

giclee prints from polaroid mio originals. A journey through a journey through place and time.

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In an attempt to explore the traditional use of quilts to commemorate marriage, the photographs I have shot and worked with for this project are of couples I am personally involved with, in my family, who have been married for different amounts of time (60 years, 30 years, 5 years, newlywed etc.). The way the photographs are captured emphasizes the marital union of two separate individuals. The photograph appears at first to be a single image but when contemplated further reveals itself as two images fused together through the form. The middle layers are screen-printed with various traditional quilt patterns that symbolically are appropriate to each person as well as to their marriage. I attempt to utilize in this way the long history and rich symbolism associated with Quilt patterns.In the final installation piece from this series, Generation, this sense of feminine inheritance comes full circle. Whereas in the quilts the knowledge is implied, here, the subtle appearance of the generated face through layers of thin silk printed each with a woman’s face exemplifies the understanding and knowledge that is passed on by women through the various generations.

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